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One to one Yoga, Restorative Exercise and Meditation

Private Yoga Teaching in Ealing, Acton, Hanwell, Chiswick, Kew, Brentford, Shepherds Bush, Hammersmith, NottingHill

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Yoga Soma

One to One


Private yoga classes can be exactly what you need them to be, yoga at your pace, for your needs and your goals.  Yoga can be a gentle yet effective method of reducing stress and improving physical, mental & emotional wellness.

Increasingly we are noticing the benefits that yoga can offer as an antidote for stress and the long periods of time that we spend sitting at the desk at our computers. Additionally, Yoga can complimentt our other activities such as skiing, cycling and running, improving flexibility, strength but perhaps more importantly learning to move mindfully can help us to prevent as well as heal our injuries.

If you are new to yoga and nervous about joining a class the personal attention of one to one sessions could give you a head start and help you find the confidence to dive into a group class.

If you are working with an injury or looking to improve postural alignment, to enhance your sports performance or just looking for a gentler way to maintain fitness a tailor made programme can be designed just for you.

Classes can be in the comfort of your own home, place of work or my home studio.

What can you expect from a private yoga class ?

  • A tailor made programme to suit you
  • 1 or 1.5 hours of personal attention
  • Improved postural alignment, strength and flexibility
  • Increased awareness of your unique patterns of movement and how to work with any injuries
  • Improving yoga technique, moving mindfully and safely
  • Developing your own home practice, becoming your own yoga teacher
  • A deep relaxation at the end of every class

Please contact me by clicking the tab at the top of this page if you would like to have private yoga classes.


Restorative Exercise

Restorative exercise can be really helpful when we are working with a condition such as arthritis, hip pain, back pain or recovering from an injury.

Injuries, joint pain, muscular-skeletal conditions can make movement painful and restricted. Restorative Exercise such as Somatics and Biomechanics are gentle, mindful and really effective.

During a private class I draw together my experience of restorative exercise and traditional yoga and we will work together to find the right exercises and pace for you to optimise your improvement and recovery and maintain health.

You can read a little more about restorative exercise in my article about somatics

What can you expect from one to one classes ?

  • A tailor-made programme to suit your needs and your goals
  • An hour or hour and half of personal attention
  • Advise on exercising with your injury or condition
  • Improving mobility and strength and postural alignment
  • Support through recovery from your injury
  • A deep relaxation at the end of every class

Classes can take place at your home, place of work or my home studio. Please get in touch if you would like to have private classes.

Meditation & Yoga Nidra

The practice of meditation is enriching but for many of us as soon as we close our eyes the seemingly simple task of stilling the mind feels daunting even impossible.

We might be interested in learning meditation for many different reasons; to reduce stress; to heal grief, emotional pain and trauma; to seek enlightenment! Mediation can also help us to tap into our creative potential, develop internal awareness and improve confidence and self-esteem.

During a private meditation class I can show you simple mediation technique that you can take home and practice yourself. I strongly believe that mediation does not have to be complicated or mysterious. Meditation can be simple, easy and benefit everyone.

Sometimes we might need inspiration or support in a mediation practice when we can get stuck or feel frustrated at "lack of progress" because we are not seeing the change that we hope for and mediating with another person can help.  Co-meditation or one to one meditation can be a way to start, explore or progress your mediation practice within a supported context, if you are stuck in your personal mediation practice

  • ask questions ,work through questions any feelings of being stuck in a supportive environment
  • feelings of trauma, pain held in a supportive environment
  • techniques to process difficult emotions, thoughts, trauma
  • increase creativity

You can find out more about private yoga classes or private meditation classes here or contact Karan for a chat

Group Classes

Classes are held in my Boutique Home Studio in the leafy london suburb of Ealing within easy walking distance of Ealing Common and Ealing Broadway Stations and usually run  in blocks of 6 during term time  (directions and dates are available upon request) .  The Yoga Studio is tranquil and cosy and class sizes are small, creating a comfortable and soothing space for your practice of Yoga

Thursdays 11am - Gentle Yoga & Restorative Exercise

If you have been to a hatha yoga class expecting it to help build strength and flexibility but have left disheartened then Somatic Movement may be for you. By adapting traditional yoga and focusing on smaller movement we can increase strength, agility and feel more supple. Movement is breath-led, exercises are floor based, it's a little bit like pilates and a little bit like yoga. Somatic movement is for everyone and perhaps especially useful if recovering from injury or just in need of a more gentle practice.  Learn more about  Somatics here, in my blog, or get in touch if you'd rather  have a chat.

Class size - max 3


Classes are held at my cosy home studio in Ealing within easy walking distance of Ealing Broadway and Ealing Common stations.




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