A few words about Somatics….

A few words about Somatics

Somatic Movement is a subtle but effective way of working the body. Through a series of slow gentle easy moves we can release tightness in the body, increase fluidity, strength and find relief from pain. Movement is breath led help us to relax and to focus our attention on the movement. We move mindfully and we also re-educate ourselves to become mindful of our movement. By carefully studying our movement over time we become more expert about our own body, how it moves, how we hold our selves, structural imbalances unique to us and we can learn how to realign ourselves so we can hold ourselves better in gravity and reduce wear and tear in our joints. The exercises are mostly non weight bearing, so we can make this internal exploration in a relaxed way and build strength without adding wear and tear.

Somatic movement can improve mobility, strength, and posture and increase body awareness.

A 4 week series of Somatic Movement classes start on Thursday 14th Sept at 11am

Email me, Karan, at info@yogasoma.co.uk to book.

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