A few words about Yin Yoga…

A few words about Restorative Yin Yoga.............

There are so many “types” of yoga out there, it can be mind boggling so I thought I would write a few words about Yin .

While Yang represents the more masculine, dymanic, powerful elements , Yin represents the softer, feminine, slower aspects. Elements of one are also found in the other. So Yin Yoga asks us to be actively passive; to slow down, to observe sensations, tensions held in the body, to find stillness and a way to remain in stillness, surrendering to gravity, allowing it to draw us deeper into the pose.

We use the breath to help us. Conscious breathing can help to calm the parasympathetic nervous system, focus the mind and draw it back to the present moment. That’s why Yin yoga can feel like a meditative experience .

We can hold a pose for anywhere between 3 - 10 minutes and by doing so we stretch but also lengthen muscles, soft tissue, myofascia - one of the reason why its so good for supports recovery - though these benefits are for everyone.

We all have our unique patterns of movement and way in which we hold ourselves. We tend to sit for long periods of time curled over a computer. We might become injured and then find pain and discomfort migrates to different areas of our body; a pain in our shoulder becomes pain in our lower back, then the hip, the knee... its frustrating ! Holding patterns, lifestyle, injuries, can all cause us to feel tight and stiff in our bodies. Yin yoga can help us to feel lighter, relieve aches and pains, and feel like we’ve had a good sleep and a great massage.

With regular practice the changes we feel can be permanent and we can repair injuries and move more easily in our bodies.

A 4 week series of Yin Yoga classes start on Wednesday 13th Sept at 6.30pm

Email me, Karan, at info@yogasoma.co.uk to book.

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