Private Yoga

privatepageGroup classes can fall short of meeting an individual's personal needs. Increasingly people are opting to benefit from yoga in a private setting where students have the advantage of personal attention and practising in the comfort of their own home or work.

Yoga can target building strength, flexibility and changing patterns of movement in the areas that need the most attention within each individual.

Practising yoga one to one or in small groups is the best way to experience yoga. You will see progress and the benefits of yoga in a shorter space of time. You will also benefit from lots of personal advice on the asanas (poses) that could most help you and be taught how to practise yoga asana safely for your body.

Karan's primary focus for her students is to help them to feel more at ease within their bodies through physical asana practice (yoga poses) and deep relaxation (yoga Nidra).

Meditation and chanting can be soothing and uplifting and give you a deeper experience of yoga however, the philosophy and more esoteric aspects of yoga may not be for everyone. If you are looking to integrate a spiritual practice with the the physical practice or even curious then please discuss this with Karan.

One to one classes can be taught at the home studio or your home or even work if there is a suitable space.

Small group classes can also be organised for a group of friends or colleagues who want to practice together either at home or at work. Or if you prefer to get away from home for a hour or so Karan is happy to discuss finding a space outside the home that can be used for yoga.

Perhaps you want to have a yoga class for your hen weekend or another event. Karan can travel to your event to hold a mini yoga retreat for you and your guests.

Yoga has also become very popular in the workplace. Hours of sitting at a desk, standing or any repetitive action can take it's toll on the body. We get stuck in patterns of movement that trigger back, shoulder and hip problems. Through yoga we can work on reducing and even reversing some of the damage so we can begin to feel more at ease, and by becoming more conscious of how we sit and move we can reduce the effects in to the future and keep our bodies healthy for longer.

Find out more about one to one at your home or work, small group classes and yoga at work.

Areas covered for private yoga classes