Meet Us



This is me ! Your yoga friend 🙂

I HATE having my photo taken (cringe) and I'm happiest barefoot with messy hair.  I first started yoga at school because I hated PE and I thought yoga would be the easy option. It wasn't always easy but I definitely enjoyed it more than PE! Over the years yoga became a great friend and teacher helping me to make that connection between my body heart and mind. Yoga has helped me to recover from injured ankles and knees and ease away stress, trauma and fatigue.

After a 15 year career in the law I decide it was time explore my love of yoga and my curiosity for everything body heart and mind related. I've moved "back home" to Ealing and I'm now training to be a transpersonal psychotherapist and in my spare time I teach yoga and offer reiki and a keen interest in nutrition and aromatherapy.

I hope to provide a friendly environment for yoga and create a space where others can also find ways to move better and feel better in their bodies.




Mollie joined the team in 2017.  She soon found her calling as chief greetings officer and, well, chief of me!  Small but mighty, you will be sure to be greeted by this soul with waggy tails and utter excitement.







If you have any queries email me to discuss your yoga needs at or use the Online Contact Form



'Karan Chadha is a registered teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals.
This accreditation demonstrates excellent standards as set by Yoga Alliance Professionals."