Corporate Yoga

corprateIncreasingly employers are seeing the benefits of yoga in the workplace.

Sitting for hours can be challenging for the back and shoulders and more and more of us are struggling with back, neck and shoulder pain. Yoga can be hugely beneficial towards alleviating and preventing back and shoulder problems.

It is difficult during a busy day to take any time out for stretching.

Karan can offer a 5-15 minute one to one or small group session with your employees, working with each individually to give them a quick yoga work out that will relieve any pain and tension in the neck, back and shoulders. It would not require taking a lot of time out of the day, there would be no need to change clothes, just to take off shoes and socks and regular short sessions could make a significant difference.

Offering care to employees can help morale in the workplace, improve productivity and reduce absence from sickness.

To discuss arranging yoga in your work place contact Karan directly.