I'm not currently running any public classes due to other commitments but you can read about some of the styles of yoga & mediation that I do teach here...


Yoga Nidra is a practice of mindfulness inducing deep relaxation and a meditative state. If you're having trouble sleeping, switching off or de-stressing Yoga Nidra may be a useful tool for you. I teach a method called IRest which is a modern research based secular practice rooted in the wisdom of the ancient sages

Yang yoga is about developing muscular strength and stability, keeping the body supple and strong. The class is a dynamic vinyasa flow with a twist on old favourites such as Warrior II, Half Moon pose and Surya Namaskar. Karan focuses on alignment which is more than posture, it's about how our whole body is positioned in space and effected by gravity. Most of us sit in front of our computers a lot so Karan focuses on helping her students to undo the effect that sitting has on the shoulders, backs and hips, keeping the spine healthy, making sure that hamstrings are happy and that feet are getting the attention they so rightly deserve too.

Karan tries to create a cosy soothing environment for Yin. Yin is deeply relaxing. Poses are held for a few minutes to help the soft issue to relax and lengthen so we can work deeply into muscles, ligaments and myofasica. If we're feeling stiff or not feeling as supple as we used to Yin can help make permanent changes in the way that we hold our bodies. Yin is also a wonderful way to alleviate fatigue and restore depleted energy reserves.

Somatic yoga a series of slow, gentle, easy moves to support our bigger more dynamic movements. Karan will often incorporate somatic movements and biodynamics into a yoga practice.

Is a course designed especially for those who are completely new to yoga and also for and those with some experience looking to focus on technique and build the foundations of a self practice. Karan takes Students through a series of asanas step by step, yogic terms are explained, questions are welcomed. By the end of the course you will have the confidence to practice at home and to go into any yoga class and practice yoga in a way that suits your body.

Classes sizes are generally limited to 4-6 people.