YogaSoma gets A New Website

Drum roll pleeeeassse..... Here is the new website. Please take a look at your leisure.

Thanks so much to Lee at Steam Room Media and friends for all your technical and creative advice and guidance.

From tiny tiny acorns oak trees grow and it is magical to see this little project sprouting little leaves.

When I left lawyering last year I guess I needed to find out if there could be a different way of living, a different way of being out there for me. Teaching yoga has been a real gift. At the outset of my training it wasn't my intention to teach but to give myself what I thought would be a blissful month of yogacising everyday in Koh Samui with wonderfully knowledgeable teachers, Simon and Eija at the Yoga Academy. It was blissful but it was also intense, challenging, fascinating, eye opening and what I learned about movement, mindfulness and yoga became something that I really wanted to share. It has been an exciting journey so far but what's more is that I am looking forward to what lies ahead. Next week I start my yoga Nidra training and hopefully soon after that I will be learning how to teach mindfulness and yoga to children, I can't wait. That's all. Love Karan

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